The podcasting dog

Hi! My name is Lucky

Never seen a dog that does podcasts before? Not surprised! Where could you see one? It's not like they have a wofsite?

My hooman does podcasts, and I am featured in every single one!  I am certain there are lots of doggos in the same boat.  Don't I deserve some credit?

My mission is to popularize the contribution of doggos to podcasts. I urge every single podcaster dog to create a dogsite and spread the word! Trust me, it's so simple, even my hooman can do it!

Eat your headpawns

Want to know what owning a dog feels like?

I can eat your headpawns in no time.

Hire me for this job and I'll do it for free.

*Only 1 headpawns eaten per booking. Don't be greedy.

30 min

Create a woofsite

I can help you create a woofsite with 3veta in no time at all! I'll tell you everything about your sniffscription, your pawgraphy, and anything else you might wish. has butiful templates that will maek every dog or hooman super impressed with how cuul your woofsite is!

1 h 0 min

Guest in your dogcast

I am a professionally looking and sounding dog. 

If you invite me on your dogcast, everyone will be amazed by my deep woof. 

I can also make sweet doggy noises or breathe heavily if that's more to your audiences liking.

Podcasts are time consuming so my pricing is a bit steeper.

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1 h 30 min

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